Tuesday, October 26, 2020

The end of the year holiday season is a peak time for many merchants with special sales events
such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday. As a merchant, you can help Google highlight your sales
events by providing landing pages with relevant content and high quality images.

Best Practices

The following are recommended best practices for your landing pages:

  • Create the page early. Make sure you create the page well before the sale so
    Googlebot has time to discover and index the page. Make sure you are not blocking Google from
    crawling the URL (the Google URL
    Inspection Tool
    can be used to check this).
  • Follow standard SEO best practices. A list of SEO best practices for landing
    pages can be found in our Search Engine
    Optimization (SEO) Starter Guide.
  • Link to the landing pages from your home page (or similar) to increase their
    prominence, helping users (and Google) find the landing page quicker.
  • Use a recurring URL, not a new URL for each occurrence of the event. Give the
    landing page of recurring events a meaningful URL that reflects the event that is used each year
    (for example: use /sale/black-friday, not /sale/2020/black-friday).
  • Include a relevant, high quality image. Provide a static image with an
    up-to-date representation of your sale. Trim any whitespace around the borders of the image,
    and ensure that the image is visually engaging and is of good quality. For additional guidance on
    image quality, review the Google Images
    best practices and Images Web Fundamentals.
  • Get your page recrawled. After you’ve tested your structured data for
    validity, ask Google to recrawl
    your page to get your content updated more quickly. (Note: as of publication this tool is
    undergoing maintenance, but we hope to have it up-and-running again soon.)

If you have any questions, let us know through the Help
or on Twitter.

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