MarketMuse recently released a free version of their sophisticated AI powered content writing tool. This tool automates the content creation process so that the team can focus on the content plus it provides insights to help optimize the content before it is published rather than refining it after it’s been published.

AI Content Planning and Optimization

A muse is defined as a person who provides inspiration to an artist, inspiring the artist to create great works.

The aptly named MarketMuse is an AI and machine learning based tool that provides the foundation and support for a content creation strategy workflow, from beginning to end.

MarketMuse not only provides tools that help develop topics and content briefs but it also provides machine learning and AI-based research and insight including topic analysis and search intent related insights.

First-hand Experience With MarketMuse

The free version of MarketMuse is similar to the paid version. The free version contains the primary features of MarketMuse. The biggest difference in those primary features is scale. The paid version can focus on more queries.


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I asked a user of the paid version of MarketMuse for their feedback and this is what they said:

Full-time affiliate marketer and founder of the Link Tracker Pro rank tracker, Israel Gaudette, shared his professional experience using MarketMuse.

“MarketMuse has been, for me, a game-changer, thanks to the quality of its data.

In 2020, Google made tremendous improvements to its algorithm and can now recognize better content quality and relevance of search queries to web pages.

This is where MarketMuse is really helpful because it helps you to discover all the important topics that you should mention for your target keyword, making your content the most valuable in terms of information provided.

In my opinion, MarketMuse is useful for every business that is doing content marketing.

Using MarketMuse, you can create in-depth content that is valued by readers and considered authoritative.

I used MarketMuse as an experiment on one of my sites, and my organic traffic grew by 400% in less than 6 months.”


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Screenshot of Traffic Metrics Showing Increase After Using MarketMuse

Graph showing how MarketMuse increased search traffic to his site

“Now MarketMuse is part of my SOP (Standard Operating Procedure).”

MarketMuse provided this description of what to expect from it:

“Tell MarketMuse what you’d like to write about and it will do the research for you. Analyzing thousands of pages on that subject, it returns a list of semantically related topics to cover in your article.

It also provides a list of relevant questions that you should consider answering.

Plus it analyzes the content on your site and suggests appropriate internal links and anchor text, enabling you to create clusters of content with every piece you write.

MarketMuse’s patented AI solution analyzes thousands of pages on a given topic and uses its proprietary semantic analysis capabilities to show you what it means to write like an expert on a given topic.

The data in a MarketMuse topic model helps you identify must-have related topics and gaps in your competitors’ content so you can write authoritative, differentiated content.”

MarketMuse Free Version

The MarketMuse free version of their product was designed to be useful for smaller sites. The functionality is basically the same as the paid version which offers more queries to work with.

The free version of MarketMuse offers these primary applications:

  • Optimize
  • Connect
  • Compete
  • Research
  • Questions.

Users of the free version receive 35 queries per month to run the applications and optimize their content before publishing it.

According to MarketMuse:

“Those who leverage our Free package will be able to improve the quality of select articles each month by ensuring:

  • They answer the right questions
  • Identifying the right links
  • Covering the right topics before publication.”


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Should You Try the Free Version of MarketMuse?

There are some content optimization tools that claim to optimize content but all they provide is a simple analysis of the search results consisting of statistical data about keyword usage of the top ranked websites. That’s not machine learning. That’s not AI.

MarketMuse helps automate the entire content creation process with AI and machine learning created by data scientists and computer engineers and experts in SEO.

MarketMuse is used and trusted by top organizations like The Motley Fool and Discover.

Two years ago it was unthinkable that this level of content optimization would be available for free.

Should a small publisher take a chance and give MarketMuse a try?

The answer seems obvious.


MarketMuse Free is Available Here

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