Google’s latest update to Bard, with new math and data visualization features, marks a significant advancement in making cutting-edge technology to younger users.

This expansion of AI features could enrich educational experiences and support young people in crucial life stages.

Google Expands Access To Bard For Teens

The recent expansion of Bard includes a focus on English-speaking teenage users, with Google introducing age-appropriate safeguards and updated onboarding for a safer, more beneficial user experience.

Google hopes that the latest update to Bard will aid in learning and offer inspiration.

Bard can also offer a step-by-step guide to solving math problems. The responses go beyond providing answers, aiming to deepen understanding of mathematical concepts.

Teens can use it to navigate complex problems and solidify their math foundations.

Visualizing Data with Bard

Another remarkable addition is Bard’s data visualization capability, enabling users to create informative charts from their data or data generated during interactions with the AI.

AI Ratings For Teen Safety

Incidentally, Common Sense Media introduced its first-ever AI ratings system today as well.

The system evaluates AI products on ethical use, transparency, and safety, acting like a “nutrition label” for AI, especially beneficial for youth.

Included in its first report are ratings for generative AI products used by teens including OpenAI’s ChatGPT and DALL·E, Snapchat’s My AI, and Google Bard.

How Safe Is Google Bard For Teens?

The review by Common Sense Media acknowledges Bard’s strengths in creative applications, which are ideal for generating fiction and enhancing creativity in storytelling, particularly for marketers.

It also commended Google’s previous age restriction of 18 and transparency regarding Bard’s technical aspects, highlighting the importance of understanding and responsibly using AI in marketing.

However, concerns about Bard include its potential to perpetuate biases and misinformation stemming from its internet-based training data.

Bard received three stars – the same as ChatGPT and more than DALL·E and My AI. The rating may change when Google’s AI product is evaluated again with teen users.

ai ratings system for safetyScreenshot from Common Sense Media, November 2023

Considerations For Marketing

With its newly added features, Google Bard could transform how teenagers engage with technology for learning and personal development.

As for marketers, the new AI rating system is a reminder that AI-generated content must align with ethical marketing practices. For those who develop AI applications and products on platforms that younger users can access, it’s an important reminder to always consider responsible AI practices.

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