Press release distribution, a form of earned media, is an integral part of reputation management, brand exposure, and content marketing. It helps both big corporations and small businesses gain a voice in their market.

Press releases can be powerful, and working with experts can help remove a lot of the guesswork. However, it can be easy to waste your marketing budget if the distributor you select is not a good fit.

PR distribution service providers can help businesses send press releases to a pre-existing list of media contacts and journalists or by syndicating the press release to different media sites. They can also help you connect with social networks, bloggers, and influencers.

To get the maximum ROI, there are a six key features to consider when choosing a press release distribution partner.

1. Level Of Media Traction & Exposure

Gaining maximum media exposure and being heard are the primary services any PR distribution company must be able to provide. Your announcement can earn a good level of media traction if you use the right newswire with a good list of media outlets, or a solid syndication system.

Achieving significant media traction depends on a few factors, such as:

  • The authoritativeness of the media sites picking up your news.
  • Optimization of your press releases for relevant search terms.
  • The number of media sites featuring your PR.

Authority, trust, and relevance are the three pillars of SEO. In other types of marketing channels, authority, relevance, and trust are key metrics. They can also impact the effectiveness of a press release distribution service.

Press Release Distribution Services: 6 Important Features To Consider

Source: NewswireJet


Appearing on authority media sites will impact your brand perception and add credibility to your business in so many ways. The news release will more likely be shared on other media sites, linked to relevant blog posts, and referenced when necessary.

From our in-house research, we have noticed that clients’ press releases are referenced on blogs covering relevant topics – and this is what we call “re-syndication.”


How does singing Christmas songs or running Christmas-themed in June sound? That is how to explain the relevance.

You should choose a press release distribution service that can guarantee a significant level of relevance for your news. When your PR is published on authority media sites, your content will receive reading attention from audiences on the site, on Google News, and relevant search results on Google.

When you want to reach out to your list of targeted media sites and influencers, avoid the temptation of sending your press release to them first. A tool like PRBean can help you get this done efficiently and at a reasonable cost.


People engage more when trust is high. Choose a press release distribution service that helps you publish your news on sites with an outstanding level of trust. Companies’ press releases are regarded as authentic and gain more trust when published using the right PR distribution company.

Every business deserves to have a voice. This should not be the exclusive right of companies with deep pockets. Distribute your press release at a 10% discount on NewswireJet using the coupon “DEAL”.

2. Brand Exposure At The Speed Of A Click

Branding shapes the human perception of attraction and familiarity. Brands become assets by fostering consumers’ loyalty, which directly influences their perception of the brand.

A press release distribution service like helps push positive stories about your business across the web and, most notably, at the first page of Google through their vast and effective media syndication platform.

“The dynamics of branding has changed, and it’s now majorly influenced by a company’s digital footprints and sentiments online,” comments Patrick, Product Manager at BeeSparks. “As a fast-growing branding and content marketing agency, at Beesparks, we have seen the combination of our solutions help clients gain trust, brand exposure, and increase in conversion.”

Press Release Distribution Services: 6 Important Features To Consider

Source: NewswireJet

When you publish a press release, it is expected to appear on several major media sites and get indexed immediately. Quick indexation is a positive signal on a media site’s trust level, directly impacting how well they can appear on SERPs for relevant search queries.

Acquiring backlinks from trusted media websites effectively increases rankings and solidifies your website authority and brand appeal. We have seen increased demand from SEO experts and PR agencies who have learned to use press release distribution to improve their client’s anchor text distribution and referring domains.

3. Expert Press Release Writing Option

The success of a press release campaign starts with your content. Finding the right angle is vital to creating a buzz out of what may seem like an ordinary story. An expert press release writer knows how to find the perfect news angle, educate, and optimize for SEO.

Choosing a PR distribution service with a team of expert press release writers will give you an advantage in crafting the perfect press release. At the same time, you focus on other vital parts of your business.

A few newswire services charge as high as $350 for a standard press release, and this, to a certain degree, has pushed some businesses to write the press releases themselves. NewswireJet offers a complete solution inclusive of PR distribution and PR writing. The service has grown in demand as more people take advantage of our expert PR writing team working for them at a highly reduced cost.

NewswireJet believes that every business deserves to have a voice. This should not be the exclusive right of companies with deep pockets. Distribute your press release at a 10% discount using the coupon “DEAL”.

4. Fast & Reliable Customer Support

Speed between your support ticket and a helpful response can be a critical game-changer in your PR campaign.

The newswire industry is a bit laid back in providing quick responses to client queries, affecting how fast you can request changes or get answers to important questions.

Press Release Distribution Services: 6 Important Features To Consider

Source: NewswireJet

On average, it might take between 18-24 hours for most newswires to respond to queries – even when you need to get quick feedback to push the “Publish” button. If getting a fast response is crucial to you, only choose a newswire service with multiple channels of communication and quick response.

NewswireJet prides itself on the quality support available to their clients, helping them resolve problems and responding to their queries well above the competition. When you need to send out a press release within a matter of hours, and you need a quick response, you will understand the difference a rapid response can make.

5. Impressive Wide Media Coverage

Press release distribution is not just about sending out press releases to journalists. It also includes the ability to gain as much exposure online using a press release distribution service that can truly deliver.

If a press release appears on several media sites with an appreciable level of audience, brand visibility will increase exponentially over time.

Before choosing a PR distribution service, be sure you get the best value for your dollars in terms of coverage. The more premium media sites that can pick up your news, the better impact your announcement will have. Do not do this at the expense of quality.

A reliable service provider should also guarantee fast indexation of press releases. Doing this will ensure your audience sees the latest information about your company while searching for relevant keywords online. At the same time, journalists can easily interface with your announcement when they need to make a report on similar topics.

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