Google says businesses are missing opportunities when it comes to optimizing job postings, and offers tips for how to improve them.

As we head further into the hottest hiring season on record, targeting qualified applicants can help you find the right person for the job while sifting through fewer CVs.

How can you do that?

By adding more information to the description field.

Businesses aren’t including nearly enough detail in that field, which could lead to a flood of applications from people who aren’t qualified for the job.

Moreover, businesses might be losing out on applications from people who are ideal for the position.


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Communicating exactly what you’re looking for as an employer is better for your business and better for job seekers.

They won’t waste their time applying for a job they’ll never get, and you won’t waste your time looking at submissions from people who don’t have the experience or credentials you’re looking for.

Here’s an easy way to improve your job postings and attract the right talent for the right positions.

How to Optimize Job Postings For Google Search

By making a few changes to the description field, businesses can immediately make their job postings more appealing.


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The description section of job postings in Google Search only includes text within the description property of the job posting structured data.

It does not include information about qualifications, skills, and benefits by default.

If you want that information in your job positing then you’ll have to write it into the description field.

Here’s a screenshot that shows what a complete description section should look like, according to Google.

The job posting below includes all relevant details a person needs to make an informed decision on whether they’d be interested in applying for the job.

google search job postingsScreenshot from, November 2021.

A job posting like the one shown above can be created using structured data markup.

While the structured data includes fields for qualifications, this vital info is not immediately visible to searchers.

The first thing a job hunter will see is the description section. From there they may decide to apply for the job or pass without looking into any further details.

You can ensure they have more information to base their decision on by adjusting your Schema markup as Google recommends.


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Other Ways To Market Your Job Postings

It’s not just Google that’s concerned with helping businesses find the employees they need, LinkedIn is deeply invested in it as well.

LinkedIn recently rolled out an update to company pages that includes new ways attract and keep top talent.

Businesses can highlight their policies on vaccines, remote working, and other things that are top of mind for workers right now.


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People want more than just a salary and benefits these days, they want a job that allows them to live a quality life outside of work too.

Source: Google Search Central

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