If I asked you, “Are your marketing campaigns effective?” would you be able to answer that confidently?

And if you can’t, do you know how to figure it out?

Not only do our bosses want to know if their investment is being spent wisely, but they also want to know if the input is worth the return.

Sometimes, providing these answers is the most challenging part of our jobs.

You spend time putting together marketing strategies and budgets. You carefully map out each channel and set up tracking to ensure you’re properly attributing traffic and conversions. And, the strategies are launched.

Now it’s time to assess whether the campaigns are performing how you designed them to.

Are they effective? Are you achieving goals and hitting KPIs?

Are they driving the results that your bosses expect?

With so many channels and incoming sources, it can be hard to know which ones matter to your campaigns and leadership. And, while we can’t actually tell you which ones matter to your specific campaigns, we can give you the resources to find out for yourself.

Join me and Shaubhik Ray, Senior Director of Digital Analytics at iQuanti, as he shows you how to get these insights out of the data you already have at your fingertips.

Register for our upcoming webinar to learn techniques to better measure the effectiveness of your campaigns. You’ll find out where to look for hidden data that guides optimization and helps you answer that initial question confidently.

The key takeaways you can expect to learn are:

  • Different measurement techniques you can implement today.
  • The pros and cons of each measurement technique.
  • How to select the correct measurement technique for your business and campaigns.

Let’s improve your ability to predict the success of your marketing programs, and get the insights you need to pivot or strategize next year’s campaigns.

Make sure you register today even if you can’t join us live. We’ll send the on-demand recording that you can watch later. But, one benefit of joining live is the ability to ask questions specific to your unique situation.

I hope to see you there!

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