Businesses on Instagram now have access to demographic data about the audiences that see and engage with their content.

Previously, the demographic breakdown in Instagram Insights was limited to users who follow you.

Now you can see the demographics of all users you reach, regardless of whether they follow you or have ever engaged with your content.

The new data is located in Instagram Insights under the sections called Accounts Engaged and Accounts Reached.

Here are complete details of the updates rolling out today.

New in Instagram Insights

Accounts Engaged

Instagram is adding demographic data to audience insights under a section called Accounts Engaged.


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In this section you can see where your most engaged followers live, how old they are, and more.

The data added includes:

  • Top cities
  • Top countries
  • Top age ranges and gender

All of the above data is broken down by followers and non-followers.

This makes it easy to spot differences between the people who choose to follow you after viewing your content and those who don’t.

instagram insightsScreenshot from, October 2021.

In addition to demographics, the Accounts Engaged section keeps a running total of all accounts that interacted with your content in a given time period.


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Accounts Reached

The number of users who engaged with your content represents a fraction of the number of users who saw your content.

For that data, look in the Accounts Reached section of Instagram Insights.

You’ll find the total number of accounts reached and a demographic breakdown similar to the one in Accounts Engaged.

instagram insightsScreenshot from, October 2021.

Earlier this year Instagram added insights to Accounts Reached for Reels and livestreams.

Now you can see how many accounts you reached with all types of content, though demographic data is only available for feed posts.

Where is Instagram Insights?

Insights is located in the main menu of the Instagram app.

If you don’t see it then it might be because you don’t have a business account.

If you have a personal account and want access to Instagram Insights, look for an option called Switch to Professional Account in the main menu.

Anyone can get a business account and there’s no charge involved when upgrading.

After tapping the option to switch, all Instagram will ask of you is to select an applicable business category.


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Choose a category and you’re done.

With a business account you can continue creating and publishing content on Instagram as you always have.

The main difference is the data you’ll have access to upon switching.

Along with the data added today, you also get access to useful insights about the users who follow you. This includes their demographics, when they’re usually online, and more.


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