Customizable Configurations

Customize your server’s software and hardware configurations to make it work efficiently for you and your business’s needs.

Dedicated servers can be enhanced by adding more memory, processing power, hard disk space, and bandwidth.

Better Security

Gain full control over security with a dedicated server. Don’t run the chance of having a critical failure due to another customer’s lack of security measures.

You can decide what operating system (OS) to run and when to install patches to the OS.

Additionally, the security protocols on dedicated hosting plans are PCI compliant, allowing you to securely process and store sensitive data.

This high-grade commercial security also protects your site from DDoS and other cyberattacks.

Full Access

Gain all the tools you need to directly manage your files, databases, email accounts, SSL certifications, domains, and everything in between.

Managed Linux dedicated servers include cPanel and Web Host Manager (WHM) to help you maintain ownership and functionality.

Full Control

Provision your dedicated server with ease with a managed dedicated hosting plan.

Managed dedicated hosting plans come with Web Hosting Manager Complete Solution (WHMCS), which is a centralized platform that automates hosting provisioning and billing to the customers they support.

You can also choose your server’s data center, allowing you to ensure the best speeds possible between a website or application and its visitors – on a global scale.

Ways To Manage A Dedicated Server

How do you build your dedicated server to meet the goals and standards of your business?

Managed dedicated server hosting makes it easy by providing you with the software and hardware you need to create the right environment.

  • Take care of business with Account Management Panel (AMP) – Allows customers to manage domain names, account/billing information, open support tickets, and additional services from a central location.
  • Industry-leading server management with cPanel – Allows all types of businesses to create new FTP and email accounts, configure domains and subdomains, manage databases, and manage files on the server.
  • Create hosting accounts with Web Host Manager (WHM) – Gives users who manage multiple websites the ability to create user accounts with custom resource allocation.
  • Manage the files on your server using Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) – Allows customers to maintain server files remotely through a secure connection, including uploading, creating, and deleting files and managing file permissions settings.
  • Leverage the command line with Secure Shell (SSH) Access – Allows all types of customers to install server-side applications and perform other tasks remotely that cannot be performed via FTP.
  • One-click installation of popular website applications including WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and more with Softaculous, an optional, paid add-on.
  • Safeguard your site with Backup Manager – Allows all types of customers to automatically backup website files and databases onto a separate backup drive.

Additional Features For Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated IP Address

When choosing a dedicated hosting plan, one important feature for a dedicated server is a dedicated IP address.

A dedicated IP address helps keep your website safe from penalties caused by spammy customers on shared server space.

SSL Certificate

SSL certificates can give you a secure way to transfer your customer’s private information.

This 2048-bit encryption is great for secure data transfers between your website or application and your customers.

Hands-Off Upgrades

The management of your dedicated server is overseen by a team of in-house experts at the hosting company.

Your OS security patches, cPanel and WHM updates, and custom configurations will be completely managed by this team.

Free Migration Tools

If you have an existing website, you should take advantage of free website migration tools and guides.

These tools and guides help ensure a successful website transfer from one hosting platform to another.

You can also leverage managed hosting services to help with website migrations.

Key Takeaways

When is it time to consider a dedicated server and managed hosting plan?

  • When you need more storage, the fastest processing speeds, and enterprise-level security.
  • When you need 100% access to and control of a server and all of its resources.
  • When you need expert support for your website and applications 24/7/365.

If your business needs a high-performance hosting plan, you can learn more about dedicated servers from InMotion Hosting.

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