When it comes to website ranking, backlinks are a crucial component that can greatly influence your website’s position on search engine results pages (SERPs). An expired domain is a previously registered domain name the original owner failed to renew. 

Expired domains are a valuable resource for those looking to improve their website’s ranking and traffic. In this guide, we will discuss the importance of expired domains for search engine optimization (SEO) and provide an overview of how to get high-quality backlinks through expired domains.

Understanding Expired Domains

Several types of expired domains exist, including expired, deleted and expiring. Expired domains are those that have already expired and are available for registration by new owners. 

Deleted domains, on the other hand, are those that have already been deleted by the domain registrar and are no longer available for registration. 

Expiring domains are domains nearing their expiration date and may become available for registration soon, or an expired domain is a domain registered by someone within the period that the domain owner bought from the domain registrar and failed to renew.

Domain expiration can occur for several reasons, including the owner’s failure to renew the domain, bankruptcy, or legal issues. Expired domains can be acquired through domain auctions, backorders, or direct purchases from the previous owner.

Why Should We Use Expired Domains?

There are several reasons why using expired domains can be beneficial for SEO and website development:

  1. Existing backlinks: Expired domains often have backlinks pointing to them from other websites. By acquiring an expired domain with high-quality backlinks, you can inherit these backlinks and boost your website’s search engine rankings.
  2. Established domain authority: Older domains tend to have higher domain authority, which is a search engine ranking factor. By acquiring an expired domain with a high domain authority, you can potentially rank higher in search engine results pages (SERPs) for your target keywords.
  3. Saves time and effort: Building a new website from scratch can be time-consuming and requires a lot of effort to build up domain authority and acquire backlinks. By acquiring an expired domain with an established backlink profile and domain authority, you can save time and effort in the SEO process.
  4. Brand recognition: Acquiring an expired domain that matches your brand or target niche can provide instant brand recognition and credibility with your audience.
  5. Avoiding penalties: When purchasing an expired domain, it’s important to ensure that it has not been penalized by search engines in the past. However, if the domain has a clean history, you can avoid the risk of starting with a new domain that may be penalized in the future.

Using expired domains can be a smart SEO strategy for businesses and website owners looking to improve their search engine rankings and save time in the SEO process. However, it’s important to carefully research and evaluate any expired domain before making a purchase to ensure that it aligns with your goals and is free of any past penalties.

Benefits of Expired Domains

Expired domains offer several benefits to website owners, including:

  • Improved website ranking: Expired domains often come with established backlinks, which can help improve your website’s search engine ranking.
  • Established backlinks: Acquiring an expired domain with proven backlinks can save you the time and effort of building backlinks from scratch.
  • Established website traffic: Expired domains with existing traffic can provide a boost to your website’s traffic.
  • Cost-effectiveness: Acquiring an expired domain is often more cost-effective than building a new domain from scratch.

Factors To Consider When Choosing Expired Domains

When choosing an expired domain, several factors should be considered. If you don’t follow these factors you won’t get results from using the expired domains for your SEO strategy. Those factors include:

  • Domain authority: The higher the domain authority, the more valuable the domain is for SEO purposes. A high authority domain means it has high-quality incoming backlinks; it is great for SEO.
  • Domain age: Older domains tend to have more established backlinks and are generally considered more valuable.
  • Backlink profile: A quality backlink profile is essential for SEO success. Ensure that the expired domain has high-quality backlinks, but you should check that type of backlink profile to ensure that inbound links to that domain are the most contextual backlinks, not the redirection backlinks.
  • Traffic History: An expired domain with a history of traffic can provide a boost to your website’s traffic.
  • Niche relevance: The expired domain should be relevant to your website’s niche for maximum impact. If you just buy the expired domain with random categories but have a high authority score and use it for your SEO, it won’t work because it is an irrelevant niche to yours. Make sure to find the best-expired domain that is most relevant to your website niche to boost your website SEO with power expired domain.

How To Find High-Quality Expired Domains

Finding high-quality expired domains is not easy but there are ways you can find the best-expired domain with the help of expired domain tools or other SEO to check the quality of those expired domains’ backlink profile, domain age and authority score. 

There are several methods to find high-quality expired domains, including:

  • Using domain marketplaces: Domain marketplaces such as GoDaddy Auctions, NameJet, Domain Coaster, or SEO. Domains offer a wide selection of expired domains with different domain categories that will fit your requirement.
  • Using expired domain crawlers: Tools such as ExpiredDomains.net, DomCop and Spamzilla can help you find expired domains with high authority and backlink profiles.
  • Manual outreach: Contacting the previous owner of an expired domain directly can help you acquire a high-quality expired domain. But sometimes, it is not easy to find the domain owner’s contact information because they use domain privacy to protect their information.

Evaluating Expired Domains

Before purchasing an expired domain, it’s crucial to evaluate it to ensure it’s high quality. Because if you bought the domain with spammy links, you wouldn’t get results for your expired domain SEO strategy or link building. This evaluation process includes the following:

  • Checking for Google penalties: Use tools such as Google Search Console to check if the domain has any manual penalties.
  • Checking for spammy backlinks: Use tools such as Ahrefs or Majestic to analyze the domain’s backlink profile. If you want to check for spammy links, you need to use Moz’s SEO tool because it is the only tool that provides accurate spammy link data.
  • Analyzing the domain’s history: Look for any red flags in the domain’s history, such as previous spam activity or other questionable practices. You can use tools like Way Back Machine to check the website history, and it also helps you find out what category the domain is in.

How To Buy Expired Domains

There are several ways to buy expired domains, and the process can vary depending on the method you choose. Here are some common ways to buy expired domains:

  1. Domain Auctions: Many expired domains are sold through online auctions. Auction platforms such as GoDaddy Auctions, NameJet and Dynadot Auctions offer a wide variety of expired domains for sale. To participate in an auction, you’ll need to sign up for an account on the platform and place bids on the domains you’re interested in.
  2. Domain Brokers: Domain brokers are professionals who specialize in buying and selling domains. They can help you find and purchase high-quality expired domains that meet your specific needs. Some popular domain brokers include NameCorp, Igloo and Domain Holdings.
  3. Directly from the Domain Owner: Sometimes, you may be able to contact the owner of an expired domain directly and negotiate a sale. This approach can be more time-consuming and may require more effort on your part, but it can also be an effective way to find unique and valuable expired domains.
  4. Drop-catching: Drop-catching is a method of acquiring expired domains as soon as they become available for registration. This process involves using specialized software or services to monitor expired domains and attempt to register them as soon as they become available. Drop-catching can be a competitive process, as many people are also trying to catch the same expired domains.

Regardless of your chosen method, it’s important to research and carefully evaluate each domain before making a purchase. Look for domains with high-quality backlinks, relevant content and a strong overall profile. And always be prepared to negotiate the price and terms of the sale.

Using Expired Domains for SEO

There are several ways to use expired domains to improve your website’s SEO, including:

  • Redirecting the domain to your website: Redirecting an expired domain to your website can pass on the domain’s existing authority and backlink profile to your site. It provides the link juice for your existing website and boosts your website ranking on SERPs with the power of expired domain backlink profiles.
  • Creating a new website on the expired domain: Creating a new website on the expired domain can help you tap into the domain’s existing traffic and authority. Because the expired domain we had purchased is a high authority domain with great backlink profiles to boost website SEO.
  • Using the domain for link building: You can use the expired domain to build backlinks to your website, which can help improve your website’s ranking. With the power of backlink profiles of an expired domain, you can use it to build your existing website link-building and provide a powerful juice to the website that will be helpful for your SEO link-building strategy.


Expired domains are a valuable resource for website owners looking to improve their website’s SEO and ranking. By understanding the importance of expired domains, evaluating them correctly and acquiring high-quality domains, you can use them to improve your website’s backlink profile, traffic and authority. 

Remember to consider the factors mentioned in this guide when choosing an expired domain and use it strategically to maximize its potential.

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