Google’s Display & Video 360 platform has introduced new features to help advertisers plan, buy and measure connected TV (CTV) campaigns.

With more advertisers prioritizing CTV campaigns, the new features include a TV functionality to evaluate streaming publishers’ unique and incremental reach, such as YouTube, Hulu, and Roku.

In addition, the new Deal ID forecasting supports advertisers in understanding how a Preferred Deal or Programmatic Guaranteed deal might perform before running.

Easier booking for premium placements is also available through Instant Reserve, which allows advertisers to reserve YouTube CTV inventory across curated packages, including YouTube TV and other YouTube Select lineups.

Further, Display & Video 360 can help manage ad frequency on CTV devices to reduce media waste and identify which publishers and strategies are driving the greatest incremental reach.

Here’s more about Google’s updates to CTV campaigns.

Update To Reach Planner

Reach Planner is a tool in Display & Video 360 that helps advertisers forecast their reach and expected performance of campaigns.

Advertisers also use Reach Planner to discover new publishers and CTV inventory, allowing for more efficient budget allocation decisions.

With new TV functionality in Reach Planner, advertisers can evaluate the unique and incremental reach of streaming publishers such as YouTube, Hulu, and Roku, in addition to linear TV.

This update to Reach Planner is now available to advertisers in the US, Japan, Vietnam, France, and Germany.

Advertisers in the US can narrow their target audience even further by using TV consumption data from the top 150 local Comscore markets, which is available in Reach Planner.

With Deal ID forecasting, advertisers can predict how their campaigns might perform before they spend money.

This is especially helpful for CTV inventory, where much of the valuable inventory is often sold through deals, particularly during big events like the World Cup or Super Bowl.

Update To Marketplace

Display & Video 360’s Marketplace helps advertisers find CTV inventory to meet their campaign objectives.

An audience filter was recently added to make it easier for advertisers to find inventory packages and view forecasting against third-party audiences.

Advertisers can secure premium CTV inventory by creating deals or activating inventory packages in the TV section of the Marketplace.

In addition, Display & Video 360 recently launched CTV audience features that allow advertisers to reach audiences wherever they stream connected TV content.

Advertisers can use their first-party audience lists to connect with people they already have relationships with, then expand the reach of their CTV campaigns to reach groups like “sports enthusiasts” through Google audiences.

A New Report To Identify Overlap

A new report in Display & Video 360, Unique Reach Overlap, helps advertisers identify duplicate reach across publishers, campaigns, and devices.

This information can be used to determine campaign-level frequency caps to minimize overlap and reduce media waste.

Additionally, it can help advertisers identify which publishers and strategies drive the most incremental reach.

This report is available globally for all Display & Video 360 accounts and Campaign Manager 360.

In Summary

Google’s Display & Video 360 platform has introduced several new features to assist advertisers in planning, purchasing, and measuring their connected TV (CTV) campaigns.

These features include evaluating streaming publishers’ unique and incremental reach, such as YouTube, Hulu, and Roku, Deal ID forecasting, Instant Reserve for easier booking of premium placements, managing ad frequency on CTV devices, and identifying overlap with the new Unique Reach Overlap report.

These new features and updates demonstrate how Google is actively adapting its tools to cater to the growing demands of advertisers for CTV campaigns.

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