We’re diving into insights from over 16,000 ecommerce businesses, showing the trends that shaped PPC advertising in 2023, and how to use them to move forward into 2024.

In this insightful interview with Jacques van der Wilt, he and Loren examine highlights from DataFeedWatch’s powerful Multichannel Marketing Report. They take a look at which PPC strategies stood out the most and which channels provided the best return, along with big changes coming next year.

Using these insights, they also explore the most common challenges in ecommerce PPC campaigns, and what leading brands are doing to succeed right now.

We looked into the feeds of 15 to 20,000 online stores in all of those countries, and that means that’s such an incredible volume that what we see basically is an almost exact picture of what is happening in ecommerce advertising. – Jacques van der Wilt, 2:20

Obviously Google is still the largest channel. Almost every retailer is using that. However, we can see that social is beginning to eat their lunch. – Jacques van der Wilt, 6:06

I think Amazon has a big influence on everything. They’re probably market leader in ecommerce, so their impact must have been big. Yet I think that it’s not primarily driven by Amazon. – Jacques van der Wilt, 11:59

[0:00] About Jacques van der Wilt
[2:11] DataFeedWatch’s Multichannel Marketing Report
[6:06] Marketing channel trends
[9:14] Growth of TikTok
[13:42] The 3 largest barriers to PPC growth in 2024
[16:58] Other challenges retailers are facing
[21:40] Best tactics for PPC practioners to use in 2024
[25:02] Challenges for retailers with large inventories

Resources Mentioned:

Creating or modifying images with AI is super easy. Imagine you’re unhappy with your images as a retailer, but you have images for 10,000 products. It’s horrible. So you can do that much quicker. It’s a big time saver. – Jacques van der Wilt, 16:02

Connect with Jacques van der Wilt:

Jacques is a shopping feeds industry leader, start-up mentor, and entrepreneur. He’s the founder of DataFeedWatch (acquired by Cart.com in 2022): a leading global feed management and optimization company that helps online merchants optimize their product listings on more than 2000 shopping channels in over 60 countries. Before founding DataFeedWatch, Jacques held leadership positions in the US and Europe. He is also a seasoned guest speaker at industry events and a mentor at Startup Bootcamp.

Connect on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/vanderwilt/

Connect with Loren Baker:

Follow him on Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/lorenbaker

Connect with him on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/lorenbaker

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