Reddit, a diverse social media community for sharing news, highlighted the most engaging trends of 2023 in its annual Reddit Recap.

While it continued to host various interests, including business and marketing, the year marked a significant rise in subreddits dedicated to knowledge and serious discussions, presenting a valuable opportunity for marketers.

Reddit Recap 2023Screenshot from Reddit, December 2023

Top Trending Subreddits And Communities

Remarkably, subreddits like r/todayilearned and r/NoStupidQuestions saw a surge in viewership, climbing to the 25th and 18th most-viewed spots, respectively.

This upward trend signifies a growing interest in learning and intellectual curiosity among Reddit users.

Additionally, r/Damnthatsinteresting, which explores various fascinating topics, rose 26 places to become the 13th most-viewed. These shifts indicate a user base that values informative and thought-provoking content to spark discussion.

This aspect of Reddit demonstrates its role as a space for serious, informed conversation, a trait highly appealing to marketers aiming to engage with a thoughtful and engaged audience.

The 2023 Reddit Recap For Advertisers

Over the past few months, Reddit has introduced several significant updates to enhance its advertising capabilities and user experience. Here’s a summary of the key developments:

  • Reddit launched new ad formats within Conversation Placement, namely Carousel Ads and Product Ads.
    • These formats, used in over 60,000 campaigns, aim to engage users effectively within conversation threads.
    • Carousel Ads have been updated to include up to six images or GIFs, each with a clickable link, leading to a 44% increase in click-through rate.
  • Reddit emphasizes its role in product recommendations, with 94% of users engaging with recommendation content.
  • The introduction of Product Ads complements users’ shopping journeys, allowing brands to target users actively seeking product advice.
  • Reddit updated its Reddit Ads Formula program, introducing the Boost 2.0 Certification Program to educate advertisers on maximizing success on the platform.
    • This program, launched in June 2022, has already seen participation from over 5,800 individuals from various countries.
  • Reddit has made several updates to its search function, particularly on mobile apps. These include a new media tab for easier access to videos, GIFs, and images, a simplified search results page, and improved screen reader compatibility.
  • Reddit introduced Contextual Keyword Targeting and Keyword Suggestions, using machine learning to improve ad relevance, increase click-through rates, and lower cost per action for advertisers.
  • Reddit is experimenting with an “Official” label next to the usernames of organization profiles to increase transparency and authentic engagement.
  • Reddit launched Contextual Keyword Targeting for ads placed in relevant discussions and Product Ads for integrating brand products into user conversations, targeting users ready to make purchases.
  • Reddit introduced features for easier content sharing, including updated link previews for text posts, direct sharing to Instagram Stories, a custom share sheet, and one-tap screenshot sharing.
  • Reddit rolled out a new toolbox for publishers to display Reddit content externally, featuring predictable post heights, community showcases, and interactive displays of upvotes and comments.
  • Reddit expanded its Independent Agency Program, adding partners like Horizon Media, PMG, and Wpromote.
    • Reddit also renewed its partnership with Tinuiti, offering benefits such as advertiser incentives and enhanced measurement tools.

These updates reflect Reddit’s commitment to enhancing user experience and providing effective advertising solutions, leveraging its unique community-driven platform.

Highlights From The 2023 Reddit Recaps For ChatGPT, SEO

Browsing the Reddit Recaps for subreddits reveals interesting insights into what people talked about the most regarding topics like ChatGPT and SEO.

2023 Reddit Recap: Trends, Advertising Updates, And Subreddit Highlights

2023 Reddit Recap: Trends, Advertising Updates, And Subreddit HighlightsScreenshot from Reddit, December 2023

Why Marketers Should Consider Reddit Marketing

For marketers, these trends on Reddit offer a unique opportunity.

reddit recap 2023 experienceScreenshot from Reddit, December 2023

The platform’s shift towards knowledge and serious discourse suggests a user base that is engaged, informed, and potentially more receptive to content that aligns with these interests.

Marketing strategies that leverage educational content or align with thought-provoking discussions can resonate deeply with this audience.

Moreover, the rise in viewership of these knowledge-driven subreddits indicates a growing segment of users keen on learning and exploring new ideas.

This demographic is invaluable for marketers seeking to introduce innovative products or concepts or to engage in meaningful brand storytelling.


Reddit’s 2023 trends highlight an emerging focus on knowledge and serious discourse, presenting a ripe landscape for marketers.

By tapping into this engaged, intellectually curious audience, marketers can find new ways to connect with consumers, particularly those who value informative and thoughtful content.

Reddit’s evolution into a platform for learning and in-depth discussions marks it as an essential part of any modern digital marketing strategy.

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