Do you find your digital marketing efforts at a standstill? No matter how much you invest, your lead generation remains stagnant?

In this article, we’ll share with you 10 strategies you can immediately put into practice to increase your leads without inflating your budget, and you can do it all within the next 60 days!

1. Position Your Solution as Novel

People are naturally drawn to new things. Whether it’s the latest iPhone or a new blockbuster movie, the allure of novelty is undeniable. Capitalize on this by incorporating words like “new” or “latest” into your headlines or ad copy to create buzz around your product and entice more sign-ups.

This strategy works exceptionally well in places like Singapore, where the desire to stay current is prevalent. It’s essential to remain honest – only label your product as “new” if it genuinely is. Alternatively, you can emphasize what’s unique or improved about your offering or even give it a fresh name to make it feel novel.

2. Benchmark Against Weak Competitors

The relative size of objects can be deceptive, as shown in these diagrams. Both circles in the center are identical in size, yet the one on the right appears larger due to the context. Apply this concept to your business by benchmarking yourself against weaker competitors or by highlighting the deficiencies of your competitors.

This approach is akin to Sun Tzu’s Art of War. For example, when launched, they promoted “no contract” and “no hidden fees” because their primary competitor, Singtel, had a two-year lockdown plan. This strategy allowed to experience rapid growth. When marketing your product or service, strategically find weaknesses in your competition and use this to your advantage.

3. Advertise Your Imperfections

While many businesses boast about being the best, you can stand out by going against the grain. Explain to your audience why they shouldn’t choose your product or why it may not suit everyone.

This approach sets you apart by demonstrating honesty and transparency, qualities that today’s consumers appreciate. Modern consumers value truth and transparency, as they prefer to make informed decisions. For example, on our landing page, we openly state that our solution is unsuitable for new businesses or sole proprietors because we require a proven product.

4. Offer Guarantees

Notable brands like Qanvast and Secretlab provide strong guarantees or warranties. Qanvast offers a $50,000 guarantee if your interior designer or contractor vanishes, while Secretlab has a Peel protection guarantee, five-year extended warranty and a 49-day refund policy. These guarantees have played a significant role in positioning Qanvast and Secretlab as industry leaders.

In digital marketing, providing a guarantee is crucial, as online shoppers need reassurance due to the prevalence of online scams. A guarantee is a form of risk reversal, where you assume the risk instead of the consumer, establishing trust. In my experience, abuse of guarantees is infrequent in Singapore, as people tend to be honest.

5. Present Low-Commitment Offers

People are averse to commitment, as demonstrated in the Singtel example. To start small and build trust, consider offering a free trial or a complimentary strategy session that allows potential customers to experience your product or service.

This strategy, known as a “foot-in-the-door” offer, paves the way for more substantial purchases after gaining your audience’s trust. Just as in dating, you can’t propose on the first date; it has to be a gradual process. Initiate with a low-commitment offer such as a free webinar, quote or strategy session.

6. Optimize Your CTA Button

The call-to-action (CTA) button is important, but many people settle for default labels like “submit,” “sign up now” or “buy now.” These are high-friction words that can deter conversions.

Instead, focus on action-oriented and benefit-driven CTA labels such as “learn more,” “claim coupon now” or “get a free trial.” It’s essential to emphasize what’s in it for your audience rather than what they’re giving up.

7. Harness the Power of Video Marketing on Your Landing Pages and Ad Campaigns

Video content has emerged as a potent instrument for building rapport and establishing trust with your audience. It effectively puts a human face to your brand, fostering a deeper connection. Furthermore, video is an invaluable tool for audiences who favor visual content over text.

When it comes to your digital marketing strategy, you can use video to turbocharge your lead generation initiatives. Consider the advantages of integrating video into your landing pages and your advertising campaigns.  The flexibility and engagement potential of video are unmatched, making it a vital component in your marketing arsenal.

Begin with baby steps by creating a concise one-minute video that serves as an introduction to your product or shares the compelling narrative of your brand’s journey. Keep in mind that people are more inclined to connect with individuals rather than faceless corporate entities. Capitalize on the humanizing aspect of video to create meaningful connections with your audience and drive engagement.

8. Enhance Customer Engagement With WhatsApp Integration

To further boost customer engagement and accessibility on your website, think beyond the conventional contact forms and phone numbers. A valuable addition to consider is integrating a WhatsApp icon. WhatsApp is a preferred communication platform in many countries, especially for those who may be less comfortable with traditional phone calls.

However, it’s important to remember that WhatsApp users are accustomed to swift responses, typically expecting replies within an hour. To make the most of this feature, your team must be equipped to meet this expectation. Incorporating WhatsApp into your website can significantly expand your reach and enhance the convenience you offer to your audience.

9. Leverage Scarcity and Urgency

Scarcity is a powerful motivator. When a product or opportunity is perceived as limited, people value it more. Use scarcity in your marketing by offering limited edition products, time-bound offers or specifying the exact quantities available. Being specific enhances the credibility of your scarcity tactic. Urgency is also effective, as it compels people to make decisions. Modern consumers tend to procrastinate, and creating a sense of urgency can drive sales. However, authenticity is key; fake scarcity or urgency can erode trust.

Feel free to lower the barriers to entry for your prospects. Offer strong incentives such as a seven-day challenge, buy one get one free or free diagnostics to attract potential customers. Once they experience your service and customer care, they’ll be more likely to stay engaged with your brand. In today’s saturated market, consumers have a multitude of options, so providing insights and building trust from the outset is essential for retaining their loyalty.

10. Harness the Power of Trend-Driven Keywords and Showcase Customer Satisfaction

To stay competitive and foster a sense of urgency, consider integrating keywords like ‘movement,’ and ‘latest’ into your marketing campaigns. This approach allows you to align your products or services with what’s currently trending and create a compelling sense of FOMO (fear of missing out). Capitalizing on these popular keywords can give your marketing efforts a fresh edge, making your offerings more attractive to your target audience.

Moreover, to bolster your social proof and build trust, leverage the contentment of your satisfied customers. Sharing images and testimonials from delighted clients can significantly enhance your credibility. These visual and written endorsements serve as authentic endorsements of your business, showing potential customers that others have had positive experiences with your products or services.

Final Thoughts

Applying any of these strategies requires patience. Results won’t materialize in a day or two; you should allow two to three weeks to assess their impact. These techniques have been thoroughly tested and proven effective in our company. Remember, continual improvement and iteration are the keys to success in your marketing efforts. Your business can experience significant revenue growth in no time.

Once they step through your doors, they have the opportunity to immerse themselves in your exceptional customer service and the vibrant atmosphere you’ve cultivated. This initial experience can be the catalyst that hooks them and turns them into loyal clients. Without this chance to explore your offerings firsthand, they might remain unaware of the unique value you provide.

In an already saturated marketplace, consumers face a deluge of choices, and everyone claims to be the best. having so many options to choose from can be overwhelming for modern consumers. So, to stand out, you need to not only entice them but also gather insights to help craft a strategy that keeps them engaged. Confidence in your product or service and the ability to maintain their interest within your business are key elements of building a lasting connection with your customers. By providing a warm welcome and a stellar initial experience, you set the stage for a successful and enduring relationship with your clientele.

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