Several local businesses have used several types of media (images or videos) for content marketing and local online search optimization (SEO). But did you know that you can also optimize slide presentations?

Optimizing slide presentations is possible to improve your business’s online presence. Slideshow presentations are effective in communicating your message to potential customers.

You can make amazing slideshow presentations by using highly customizable and professionally made templates. You can definitely optimize slide presentations for local SEO advantage. Keep reading to know how.

Is Using Slideshows for Local Optimization Efforts Beneficial?

Sharing slideshow presentations for content marketing is a great idea because it contains local citations that search engine algorithms use to make your business rank on the web. You can link your slideshows to web pages or social media accounts.

Creating several links for your slideshows on different online platforms can be very beneficial for local SEO optimization through keyword relevancy value.

8 Tips for Using Slide Presentations for Local SEO

Below are some tips for optimizing slide presentations:

1. Optimize Title Slide and Final Slide

Your title slide is very important for SEO optimization. Hence, it is important that you make an effort to create visually appealing presentation slides. The title page will include the SEO keyword. It should also contain basic details such as the company name, address, social media accounts and website URL.

Optimizing your final slide will also boost your ranking. Similar to the title page, it should also contain important company details such as the name, location and links to the website and social media accounts.

2. Type Text, Not Embedded Text

Suppose you are using Microsoft PowerPoint in creating your slide presentations. In that case, it is advisable to type text on the slide itself, for there are some graphic artists who create graphic images in various formats that embed text on the image itself.

Search engine algorithms won’t be able to detect the keywords, which will reduce the keyword ranking potential of your slide presentation. This concern is also applicable to text embedded in the video itself.

3. Link and Share Your Presentation File

If you have uploaded your slide presentation on your website, you can link this to your blogs or blog sites of other websites through guest posts. This is done so search engines can index and list the links to PowerPoint files resulting in more inbound links when your link is re-shared.

4. Using Other Slide Sharing Platforms

This is one of many ways you can highly optimize your presentation slides. Consider using other slide-sharing platforms or slide-sharing service to gain SEO benefits. It is beneficial to spread your slides through different slide-sharing services.

5. Take Advantage of Google My Business Profile

You can significantly increase your slideshow SEO ranking by optimizing your Google listings. You can access and manage your profile page through your Google MyBusiness account. The information you provide on your profile page will appear in local Google search results.

You can optimize your Google MyBusiness profile in several ways by publishing all posts related to your business on your dashboard, completely setting up your profile, verifying ownership of your account and providing honest opinions on customer reviews.

6. Leverage Current Assets

PowerPoint slides are best presented to a live audience. Presenting live can provide better context to the information contained in the slides. A live presentation is always better than just uploading your slides online.

However, being able to make your slides available online increases your business’ chances of being accessible digitally. The best practice to gain balance is to present live and upload your slides online.

When a live audience hears you speak during your presentation, they can associate you with the company’s name and search for your company online. They are convinced that you are better than your competitors.

As much as possible, provide as much information about your company online, so you are easily searchable on search engines. If you are uncomfortable sharing information online, you are missing out on all the promotional advantages the world wide web offers.

7. Include Information in the Header and Footer

Another tip you can do to make slide presentations for SEO advantage is to include important details in the slide header and footer. This can be beneficial for slides that need to be uploaded online.

At the same time, you should also include the author of the slides and the company’s contact information (phone number and links to website and social media accounts) in the footer of the slide presentation. Providing this information can help viewers determine who to contact.

8. Use Long Tail Keywords

The use of a keyword-inclusive description is very important for SEO ranking. Keywords should not only be limited to your title slide. Keywords should be incorporated all over the content.

For improved SEO optimization, using long-tail keywords in your content is advisable. Long-tail keywords are specific keywords that help you rank your content.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the advantage of slideshow presentations?

Slideshow presentations can easily and quickly be designed. There are professionally made templates with visually appealing designs that are highly customizable which you can use right away. Another advantage is the slideshows’ ability to be integrated with other products so you can add graphics and spreadsheets to your presentation.

2. What is the 10-20-30 PowerPoint rule?

The 10-20-30 rule simply states for you to have a successful presentation, you just need to make ten slides. The whole presentation should be at most 20 minutes. It also states that the font size to use should not be smaller than 30 pts.

Get Optimized by Major Search Engines

It would be best to have great slide presentations to impress your audience. Fortunately, being able to make slide presentations for SEO advantage can bring in more clients.

You can have the upper hand if you can optimize your slide presentations for search engines. Optimized slides help you reach a wider client base and have a successful business ahead.

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