With constantly evolving search algorithms and user behaviors, fluctuating search rankings are a common occurrence in the world of SEO.

But what happens when they suddenly drop? Do you know what steps to take to restore your rankings?

Watch this on-demand webinar for a practical guide to diagnosing and recovering lost Google rankings. You’ll learn how to navigate this common challenge, along with the best ways to assess the impact of the drop on affected pages. We’ll also show you the ways to identify if rankings have truly dropped or if it’s just an analytics issue.

You’ll takeaway:

  • The proper steps to take to evaluate the impact of changing Google rankings.
  • How to protect your website and stay ahead of sudden ranking drops.
  • How to identify the cause of lowered rankings.

With Ryan Maloney, SEO Success Manager at Conductor, we’ll explore how to take proactive steps to protect your rankings following the latest Google algorithm updates, so you can mitigate drops in the future.

Learn the ways to protect and rescue your rankings from sudden drops.

View the slides below or check out the full webinar for all the details.

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