In its monthly recap of significant developments, Microsoft Advertising shared the latest news about its new partnership with Baidu Global, advertising opportunities, and Bing’s rebranding to Copilot.

These advancements boost advertiser reach and efficiency, representing a notable expansion as the holiday season approaches.

Microsoft And Baidu: A Strategic Alliance

Microsoft Advertising advanced its commitment to generative artificial intelligence (AI) with a new partnership with Baidu Global, aiming to roll out in 2024 in markets like the US, Canada, the UK, and Australia.

This collaboration leverages Microsoft’s Chat Ads API, allowing Baidu Global Keyboard, a mobile app enriched with natural language processing and generative AI features, to deliver tailored and engaging sponsored content.

Microsoft Advertising Partners With Baidu Global For Chat Ads APIScreenshot from Microsoft, November 2023

This partnership provides a unique opportunity for advertisers to reach a broader and more diverse audience, particularly Gen Z, across various app environments.

Microsoft emphasizes the potential of this partnership to enhance user experiences with more relevant content and continues to explore innovative ways to utilize generative AI in advertising.

Expanded Advertising Opportunities

Microsoft Store Ads, now available globally, offer advertisers a way to boost app and game downloads. This feature allows for broad geographic targeting, including worldwide campaigns.

Microsoft has extended Video and Connected TV advertising to 32 Americas, EMEA, and APAC markets. This expansion underscores the growing relevance of video in advertising strategies.

In addition, Microsoft Advertising also introduced bulk management for predictive targeting to identify potential high-conversion audiences.

The platform has also upgraded its Google Import feature to facilitate importing discovery and demand gen campaigns from Google Ads.

Bing Becomes Copilot

In a significant rebranding, Bing Chat and Bing Chat Enterprise have transitioned to Copilot, enhancing the AI-driven chat experience for users.

These updates highlight Microsoft Advertising’s commitment to innovation and customer empowerment in the digital ad arena, with the Baidu partnership emphasizing AI’s role in future growth.

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