Then lastly, the best way to apply this keyword research into getting this sort of structure is to also split things into a keyword map.

So this is a very, very, very summarized and condensed version. For most websites, it’s going to be a whole lot bigger. It depends on the size of your website. But I strongly suggest to do this because it kind of helps you organize your sense of your content strategy really for the duration that you’re working on it because you have a database of where everything goes.

So this may be in the form of a spreadsheet, and then it will have columns that are based on the content type. So whether it’s a product page, or a blog article, or some sort of conversion landing page for another purpose, you’ll also have the title of the page or the H1 so you know what is this content about.

You also have the URL slug. So this is basically every page on your website should have a URL specific to it that focuses on some certain topic so that it’s not going all over the place, and then it’s mapped out here. Then the keywords that you’ve researched from over here, that’s where you start to organize them here.

So, ideally, you have a focus keyword, which is the most important keyword that you want to rank for within your content, and then you also have some related keywords. You can start to build your topic and your content piece based on that, and it may be a little less likely that you rank for them. Maybe you have to move them later over with some optimization.

That happens when you keep track of your progress over time. But your goal really is to pick one primary keyword, and that’s the main thing that you’re targeting throughout your content. So once you have this built from your keyword research and you know where all your content goes, then you also know how to build your website based on that.

You know from this type of content, okay, here’s what goes into my kitchen product pages. Here’s what goes into my bathroom product pages. Here’s what goes in the blog, for example, and then you just continue on.

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