What comes to mind when we think of taking our business online? An attractive website. Yes, a website is the platform that we need to reach our customers. But, most business owners find it challenging to choose a perfect WordPress site for their business.

There are thousands of free and paid ready-to-use options. Each has unique designs and one looks even better than the next – but one question remains: How do you select the best theme for your business? In this article, we will tell you about the top SEO-friendly WordPress themes 2021, so you can find the best theme for your business. 

Choosing an attractive theme is not enough; we also need to consider other technical aspects. To make your research process hassle-free, we have listed the 10 best SEO-friendly WordPress website themes ranked by webmasters and SEO experts based on factors such as SEO- and user-friendliness, loading speed, responsive design, browser compatibility, customization options and more. Let’s begin!

5 Things To Consider When Selecting a WordPress Website Theme

1. Loading Speed

Gone are the days when we had to wait several seconds for a website to open. Now it’s the generation of 5G and quick response – if users detect slow speed on your website, they will simply switch to another one. It will make a massive difference to your search rankings, user experience and conversion rate to have a speedy site. So, always check your potential website theme’s loading speed and response rate.

2. SEO Readiness and AMP Friendliness

Search engine optimized and AMP-friendly (accelerated mobile pages) themes will help your business online. SEO-optimized WordPress themes provide a higher response rate, increase website loading speed and help you easily rank on search engines. There are many WordPress themes with pre-installed SEO plugins and built-in SEO tools, so take advantage of these and choose wisely. 

3. Mobile Friendliness

According to research, seven out 10 people use mobile phones for online searches – finding answers, shopping, social media, searching for local stores, etc. And on average, 25-60 percent of your website traffic is coming from mobile. As most of your customers are searching your website on their mobiles (and Google, as a result, has implemented mobile-first indexing), the best way to reach them is through a mobile-friendly website.

4. Browser Compatibility

Your customers are using different browsers to reach your website. Your theme might look good to some users, but if it’s not compatible with a browser other customers are using, you will lose the game. Therefore, find the one which is compatible with almost all browsers and don’t fall for attractive designs alone.

5. Design Simplicity

There are many advantages to choosing simple WordPress themes. Simple designs are not only easy to customize but also look elegant. When themes consist of various complex design elements, your site looks good but might not have all the features that your business requires. So, it is recommended to go for simple themes.

These are the points you need to keep in mind while choosing the best theme for your business. So let’s move on to the top SEO-friendly WordPress website themes in 2021 and see which best fits your business. 

SEO-Friendly WordPress Website Themes in 2021

1. BizGrowth

BizGrowth is the perfect solution for your business if you’re looking for a free corporate WordPress theme. Its user-friendly customization features make it unique. BizGrowth is compatible with all browsers and comes with a nextgen display, contact form and other popular WordPress modules. In addition, this theme is well-known for its mobile-friendliness and AMP support. Its free version is available on various sites, and you can download one and customize it as per your business needs.

2. Blocks

Blocks makes the second position on our list due to its simple and attractive design. This theme is best suited for blogging sites, WooCommerce sites to display product catalogs and corporate businesses. Its attractive and customizable design is bolstered by a fast loading speed. So, if we talk about SEO-friendliness, Blocks is the name that instantly comes to mind.

3. Zakra

Zakra is a bold template that deserves special attention due to its device friendliness and supportive design. It’s a multipurpose theme with 65+ pre-made templates and accessible customization features, including banner widgets, color schemes, contact forms, header options and more. In addition, this theme has built-in SEO optimization features.

4. Schema

We can’t ignore Schema when we talk about top SEO-friendly WordPress website themes in 2021. It is one of the best themes out there, known for its SEO-friendliness and fast loading speed. The theme offers multiple sections to add catalogs, bio, services, contact details and much more. It includes rich snippets that help your site rank higher on search engines. In addition, the theme has more than 10 creative homepage styles and a user-friendly admin panel.

5. Hestia

Hestia is a modern theme best suited for startup businesses. Hestia offers a high-performance site and excellent user experience and is loaded with many exciting customizable features. The theme is SEO-friendly, highly responsive, retina-ready and browser-friendly, too. It is the best free solution for beginners. 

6. Flash

Flash is a fully compatible theme with drag-and-drop page builders that make it easier than ever to customize your website as per your unique requirements. It is the best free theme for multipurpose business needs. The theme has unique layout options for WooCommerce businesses where you can add product catalogs, cart options and payment methods. 

7. Purple

Purple is one of the best WordPress themes to make your online presence more powerful. It offers several ready-made solutions for customization and other strong sets of SEO features, not to mention mobile-friendly components to target more and more audiences, plus a built-in page builder feature. Purple offers various color schemes for different business solutions, including fashion magazines, photography, fitness clubs and business consulting.

8. Virtue

If you’re looking for the most versatile, easily customizable WordPress theme with a modern design, then Virtue may be the best option for you. Its main features include easy homepage customization, seven unique templates, SEO optimization, mobile-friendliness and WooCommerce customization, among others. In addition, its mobile-friendliness will make your theme experience much better. Download its free version now! 

9. Feminine

This is an easy and elegant SEO-friendly WordPress website theme in 2021 that will help you make a good impression online. The Feminine theme is best suited for businesses in the beauty, lifestyle, fashion and design industries. Essential features include its unique Instagram widget, drag-and-drop header design, seven unique templates and pre-installed SEO tools and plugins.

10. Avada

Avada is one of the bestselling WordPress themes in 2021, providing some of the most effective business solutions. It’s a multipurpose theme, easy to customize and matches almost all brand aesthetics. This theme provides ultimate design flexibility and various combination options to create unique, dynamic and feature-rich content. If you want to buy the best corporate theme, Avada is for you. You can download its free version from Themeforest and customize it any way you want. In addition, it is loaded with pre-built SEO tools that make this theme the most SEO-friendly WordPress theme of the year. Explore its other exciting features at Theme Forest now!


All of these themes mentioned above are some of the best SEO-friendly WordPress website themes – and a few of them are all-time favorites. You can download themes for free trials and check out their exciting features and built-in SEO functionalities that will help increase your search engine rankings.  

These unique themes give you more than just a website – they are also perfectly designed to give you a world-class brand identity. Remember: Creating a unique brand identity is what we need to keep in mind while choosing the best WordPress theme.

We’ve given you 10 popular options but there are several others to choose from, so get out there and do your research!

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