The Ultimate Guide to Generative Search Experiences (SGE)


The holidays are almost upon us, but here at BrightEdge, we have one more gift for you! 

Today we launched the Utlimate Guide to SGE (Search Generative Experiences). 

As you might know, Google has been experimenting heavily with AI-generated results over the last year. 

  • It has also indicated that it is gearing up for a major change in 2024 with its Search Generative Experiences (SGE) and Search Formats. 
  • As we approach this milestone, the closure of Google Labs on December 31 indicates the company’s transition from experimentation to implementation. 

At BrightEdge, we have been monitoring SGE since its inception. And we have seen daily changes in how Google creates new search experiences and builds new formats. It is exciting and fascinating to see such a rapid pace of change and the new opportuniies that it will offer! 

Introducing the Guide to SGE

To help you prepare for the new year, we are sharing our findings in a guide live on our website and accessible to all from today. 


This guide aims to provide you with the ultimate go-to resource to understand SGE and its impact on search results. 

84% of search queries on Google are impacted by SGE

Helping You Stay Ahead of Changes in AI and Search in 2024

I highly encourage you all to dig deep into the guide to learn more about: 

  • What do new search experiences look like, adn which key SGE states are most represented.
  • How Google provides multiple intent-based results to meet users’ needs and wants.
  • Where Google is creating more immersive experiences and exercising caution in areas such as Your Money or Your Life (YMYL)
  • Where and how 22 critical new content formats are being represented. 
  • What new product formats and views are being tested, and how they appear. 

Innovating to Keep You Ahead in AI and Search

To give you a little more context, the guide would not have been possible without a ground-breaking innovation we call BrightEdge Generative Parser (BGP).  BGP is the next innovation to keep up with SGE changes, similar to how we innovated with Share of Voice, blended rank, and visual parsing when Google expanded beyond the ten blue links to include images, videos, local and much more. 

BGP is a “BrightEdge Labs” capabilty that is currently dedicated to research such as the guide.  It has been continously tracking trends in SGE, analyzing and monitoring changes in AI-generated search results. 

You can read the announcement for BGP and the Ultimate Guide to SGE here. 


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