We are closing in on an epic year of Generative AI-led transformation, and as we look towards the new year, we have a special gift for you. 

To give our customers a massive head-start in the race to create high-performance content in 2024, starting today, all BrightEdge users have access to our latest innovation: Copilot for Content Advisor. This new capability revolutionizes how you create high-performing content that excels in SEO and deeply resonates and engages with your key target audience.

Just three short months ago, we launched BrightEdge Copilot so marketers could interact directly with Generative AI to simplify the creation of impactful SEO-friendly titles and descriptions. Today, with the injection of Copilot in Content Advisor, we are taking another leap forward. 

Powered by 15 years of insights connecting SEO and content performance, Copilot for Content Advisor knows precisely what the winners across enterprises are doing right, what their audiences are looking for, and what they care about. 

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In a market where competition in content is fierce, only the best content will get discovered, resonate, and convert with your audience. For example:

  • BrightEdge past research found that only 50% of B2B content receives engagement from the target audience, while in the B2C realm, an average of only 20% of content is discovered.
  • Furthermore, according to new research from the Content Marketing Institute, over 57% of marketers cite creating the right content for their audience as a challenge.
  • In addition to this, three-quarters of marketer (72%) say they use generative AI, but 61% say their organization lacks guidelines for its use.

Copilot for Content Advisor solves for this as it is: 

  1. Built on the industry’s highest fidelity data and a knowledge graph that knows what works in content & SEO
  2. Ready for the demands of large enterprises with centralized insights all in one-platform 
  3. Powered by proven AI that assists across the whole content workflow
  4. Providing the best of both assistance and automation for marketers to work side by side with AI

It can pinpoint the right content to create before content creators write a single word while also allowing collaboration on essential human inputs such as creativity, experience, and brand messaging.

Incredibly, over 85% of early customers have already seen a significant uplift in their content publishing productivity!

“Copilot for Content Advisor uses AI to save me 6-8 hours of research per content page created. As importantly, it identifies blind spots I either forgot or didn’t think about when trying to meet my prospects’ needs and understanding of our offerings,” said Chris Pareja, Senior Manager of Online Marketing at Topcon Positioning Systems. “Scalability and completeness…who wouldn’t want that!”

Learn more about how to take full advantage of Copilot for Content Advisor.

Together, our innovation journey is accelerating at a prolific pace as we work to maximize the impact of AI. And we have many more innovations coming to further power your personal and professional success!

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