By Tom Capper | March 29, 2023

Before we’d heard of SGEs, Google’s main entrant in the AI arms race of 2023 seemed to be its chat interface. Tom compared Google’s Bard and the New Bing and shared his first impressions of both AI integrations.

“The new Bing” is the product of Microsoft’s alliance with OpenAI, makers of the now infamous ChatGPT. Tom noted that this development promises to have seismic effects on the search ecosystem, and Google has become extremely concerned about the threat ChatGPT technology poses as an alternative to their core search business.

Of course, only 2 months later, that prediction looked solid as Google rolled out its “SGE” labs test in search results. The SGE experiment is scheduled to end at the end of 2023 in its original markets, so we’ll soon see what happens next.

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