Claire Carlile spotted, and Andy Simpson commented on this announcement from Google:

Since 2013, Google has supported logo structured data, which recognizes two Organization fields: logo and url. Today we’re expanding our support for organizational information by extracting additional administrative data such as name, address, contact information, and various business identifiers. You can continue to provide the logo and url fields to specify which image we use as your logo in Google search results. With this update, Google can make use of this markup in knowledge panels and other visual elements (such as attribution), which helps users more easily find your organization’s details on Google Search.”

Do read the full announcement, and cross your fingers with me that Claire Carlile will write a big tutorial on this new opportunity because she’s so good at that!

And that’s it for Q4 2023 (although by the time we publish this, there could be ten new things at the rate Google is going as we close out the old year)! Wishing you great success in the year ahead, and please keep on visiting the Moz blog for this quarterly local search round-up.

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