An update to GA4 brings greater flexibility in conversion counting, allowing you to choose between two different methods.

  • GA4 introduces a “once per session” conversion counting method, similar to Universal Analytics.
  • Users can choose between “once per event” and “once per session” counting methods for better data analysis.
  • Changing the counting method is simple and can be done via the Admin > Conversions settings in Google Analytics.

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Google Analytics 4 (GA4) now allows users to modify the counting method for conversions, introducing a “once per session” option, which is similar to how Universal Analytics (UA) operated.

This update was spotted by Charles Farina, GA4 & Adobe Analytics lead at Adswerve, and confirmed on a Google help page.

Two Conversion Counting Methods

GA4 now offers two different counting methods for conversion events:

  • 1. Once per event: With this setting, GA4 counts an event as a conversion every time it takes place. Google recommends this option because it offers insight into user behavior on your site or app. Further, it distinguishes between sessions with multiple conversions and those with only one conversion.

Example: If a user completes five conversions in one session, this setting counts five conversions.

  • 2. Once per session (Legacy): This option means that GA4 counts an event as a conversion once per session, similar to how Universal Analytics operates. Choose this option if you want your GA4 conversion count to closely resemble your UA conversion count.

Example: If a user completes five conversions in one session, this setting counts one conversion.

Default Counting Method

If you don’t select a counting method, GA4 will automatically use the default method based on how conversion events were created:

  • Once per session is the default for conversions created from Universal Analytics goals in an automatically created GA4 property or using the goals migration tool in the Setup Assistant after February 2023.
  • Once per event is the default for all other conversions.

Identifying Counting Method For Each Conversion Event

To see the counting method for each conversion event, visit the Conversion events table in Admin > Conversions.

An icon next to a conversion indicates the “once per session” method, while no icon signifies the “once per event” method.

How To Change Counting Method

To modify the counting method for a conversion event, follow these steps:

  • Click Admin in Google Analytics.
  • Under the Property menu, click Conversions.
  • In the Conversion Events table, click the 3-dot icon More at the far right of a row.
  • Click Change counting method.
  • Select your preferred counting method (Note: If you can’t select an option, you don’t have the necessary permissions).
  • Click Save.

You can change this setting at any time. Remember that changes to counting methods apply to future conversions for a specific conversion, not past data.

In Summary

Adding the “once per session” conversion counting method in GA4 allows for better flexibility and understanding of user behavior.

By offering both the “once per event” and “once per session” options, you can better align your GA4 conversion counts with your Universal Analytics data.

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