Meta’s AI assistant, powered by the new Llama 3 model, will now incorporate real-time search results from Google and Bing.

This integration marks a step forward in AI assistant capabilities and their potential impact on the search industry.

You can access Meta AI within Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Messenger, and the newly launched desktop experience.

Google & Bing Search + Meta

Meta is integrating Google and Bing results directly into its AI assistant.

Instead of relying solely on training data or a single search engine, Meta’s AI assistant intelligently selects and displays results from either Google or Bing, depending on the query.

This provides users with a more comprehensive and diverse range of information.

Based on my limited testing before writing this piece, I could only get Meta AI to search using Bing. I’m uncertain about the criteria or conditions that would cause it to use Bing versus Google for web searches.

Here’s an example showing that it’s capable of providing up-to-date information:

Screenshot of a smartphone displaying a notification from Meta AI about the Google core update. The message details the update's gradual rollout, its focus on improving spam protections, and enhancing content quality in Google & Bing

Seamless Search Across Apps

Meta’s new search experience allows you to access relevant information without switching platforms.

For example, while planning a trip in a Messenger group chat, you can ask the assistant to find flights and determine the least crowded weekends to travel.

A screenshot of a smartphone messaging app named Screenshot from:, April 2024.

Meta is taking a multi-pronged approach to make its AI assistant a consistent presence across its family of apps:

  • Integration into the search boxes of Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and Messenger
  • Appearing directly in the Facebook main feed to respond to posts
  • A new website where users can log in to have continued conversations
  • Real-time text-to-image generation with an “Imagine” feature in WhatsApp
  • Future integration with Meta’s VR headsets and smart glasses

More information about these initiatives is available in Meta’s announcement.

Implications For Search Engine Optimization

Integrating Google and Bing search results into Meta’s AI assistant has potential consequences for SEO.

As AI chatbots become increasingly popular for finding information, visibility in the integrated search results will become more valuable for publishers.

SEO strategies may need to evolve to accommodate traditional search engines and AI assistants.

This could involve a greater focus on satisfying conversational queries that mirror how users interact with chatbots.

A Shifting Landscape

Meta’s move to integrate search results from Google and Bing into its AI assistant highlights the evolving nature of the search industry.

As the lines between traditional search and conversational AI continue to blur, companies are vying for dominance.

Meta’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, has expressed ambitious plans for the AI assistant, aiming to make it the most intelligent and widely accessible AI tool available.

With the release of the powerful Llama 3 model and incorporating search results from leading search engines, Meta is positioning itself as a top contender in the AI chatbot market.


How is Meta’s AI Assistant changing how we interact with search engines?

Meta’s AI assistant is transforming the search engine experience by integrating Google and Bing search results, simplifying access to information across multiple platforms.

Users can search directly through Meta’s AI assistant within Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Messenger. This integration enables real-time information retrieval and a conversational interface that aligns with how users increasingly prefer to find and interact with content online.

By catering to conversational queries and reducing the need to switch platforms, Meta’s AI assistant may shift the focus of SEO strategies toward satisfying these user interactions.

What new features does Meta’s AI Assistant offer?

Meta’s AI Assistant provides various unique features to create a seamless search experience alongside live search results from Google and Bing.

These features include:

  • Integration into the search functions within Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Messenger.
  • The ability to interact with posts directly on the Facebook feed.
  • Access to the desktop experience for continued conversations.
  • Real-time text-to-image generation through the “Imagine” feature in WhatsApp.
  • Planned future integration with Meta’s virtual reality headsets and smart glasses.

Featured Image: Screenshot from, April 2024

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