Yoast SEO is partnering with Wincher to offer users the ability to track keyword ranking positions for their WordPress pages.

Keyword position tracking will be available to both free and paid users, though a premium plan with Wincher will allow you to track significantly more keywords.

But even if a free version of Yoast SEO is all you have access to, you can still benefit from this new integration with Wincher without paying for either service.

With the Yoast SEO plugin installed on your WordPress site, this integration allows you to track the performance of keywords and see the progress of their optimizations.

The combination of both sets of data will give you even more of the insights you need to rank higher in organic search.

Thijs de Valk, CEO of Yoast, states in a press release:

“We’re very happy with this partnership with Wincher. It’ll allow our users to get even more insight into how to optimize their pages. It’ll also make accessing this sort of data a lot easier and more usable. And that is very neatly aligned with our mission: SEO for everyone.”

Here’s more about what the Wincher integration will allow you to do with Yoast SEO, and the different capabilities available to free and paid users.

What Wincher Adds To Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO, combined with the Wincher integration, will allow you to track where your content is ranking for target keywords.

It will give you insights into your own rankings, and highlight which competitors are ranking above you.

Knowing where your content is ranking in Google can help you prioritize your content optimization efforts.

You’ll have a better understanding of which pages are ranking well, and which pages could use more work.

The dashboard in Yoast SEO can help you monitor all your keyword ranking in one place, with graphs showing the change in position over time.

Differences Between Free And Premium Plans

Yoast SEO and Wincher offer free and paid plans.

Paying for both will allow you to get the most out of this integration, but you can still get limited access without paying for anything.

Here’s the differences in capabilities for free and paid users:

  • I don’t pay for Wincher or Yoast: Track up to 5 keywords and 1 keyword per post.
  • I pay for Yoast SEO but not Wincher: Track up to 5 keywords and 5 keywords per post.
  • I pay for Wincher but not Yoast SEO: Track up to 10,000 keywords and 1 keyword per post .
  • I pay for Wincher and Yoast SEO: Track up to 10,000 keywords and 5 keywords per post.

Without spending anything you can track the ranking positions of five pages or posts at one time.

Premium users of Yoast SEO get little extra beyond the ability to track more keywords per post.

Paying for Wincher allows you to get the most out of this integration. It’s worth noting Wincher offers a free trial of its starter plan, which will allow you to track up to 500 keywords in total.

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Featured Image: Screenshot from news.cision.com/wincher, January 2022. 

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