Optimizing Shopify product pages and blogs gets easier with Yoast SEO, which launches this month and offers the same features as the popular WordPress plugin.

Slated to launch on January 18, Yoast SEO for Shopify will be available in 27 languages and come with a 14 day free trial.

After the trial period, Yoast SEO for Shopify will charge a subscription fee of $29 per month.

If you’re familiar with Yoast SEO for WordPress, which has over 5 million active installations, you’ll know exactly what to do with the Shopify app.

Here’s a rundown of key features:

  • SEO analysis: Helps with optimizing your posts for desired keyphrases. Yoast’s understanding of related keyphrases and synonyms helps you write naturally.
  • Readability analysis: Create SEO-friendly product pages and blogs with real-time readability analysis that shows show how and where your content can be improved.
  • Automatic structured data: Yoast SEO automatically adds important structured data that helps Google understand what your website is about.
  • Social media previews: In addition to visualizing what your products and posts look like on Google, you can see how they’ll look when they get shared on social media.


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Paid users will get access to the Yoast SEO academy, which offers seven courses and accompanying quizzes to test your knowledge. Yoast also offers its customers 24/7 priority support.

You can learn more the Shopify app on January 20, during Yoast’s online version of YoastCon with speakers talking about all things ecommerce SEO. YoastCon will be geared toward Shopify users and WordPress users alike.

Why Shopify?

If you’re familiar with Yoast as a company, you may be aware that it has only supported open-source platforms.

That may lead you to wonder why Yoast is suddenly supporting Shopify, which is closed source.


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Yoast addressed that question in an announcement, noting the obvious that this allows the company to sell its product to more people.

But there’s more to it than that, as Shopify creates opportunities for small businesses to sell products directly to consumers, rather than going through a third party.

Yoast wants to be a part of that mission, stating:

“We strongly believe in Shopify’s mission to bring small businesses online. We feel that it is important for the internet that people have their own website and not sell their products via a third party. With our Yoast SEO for Shopify app, we want to help people rank with their own online store.”

What About WordPress?

Yoast SEO for WordPress isn’t going anywhere and will continue to receive the same level of support.

The company affirms it remains committed to “Five For The Future,” which is an initiative where companies pledge 5% of their resources to the WordPress project.

Source: Yoast

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