Search Engine Journal is hiring an Executive Editor.

We need a data-driven, curious, and supportive leader who has deep experience running newsroom and content teams.

Someone who knows our world of marketing inside and out. A big picture thinker who will expand and evolve our editorial and content teams to keep up with our years-long streak of growing sales.

In other words, someone who can take SEJ and our editorial team to the next level.

Are you the unicorn we’re looking for?

What’s the day-to-day like?

If you’ve run a newsroom, managed a content team, worked with advertisers, and worked on a digital-only publication, the nuts and bolts are fairly standard.

It’s filling editorial calendars, tweaking workflows, onboarding new writers or editors, collaborating with sales and marketing, updating leadership with progress and developments.

What’s unique about the job and company?

We’re growing!

Over the last few years, we’ve increased our revenue 50-100%… YoY. Our team has more than doubled in 2 years. We’re hiring!

Our people.

They are my favorite. They care. They have managers that care. We do our best to look out for them; we’re constantly evolving our talent development and benefit programs, staying in touch and aligned with career goals.

We are 100% remote-only.

Someone said to me recently, “The office is a blunt tool of collaboration and accountability.”

We’ve built our company from the ground up as a globally distributed workforce.

With no headquarters or office, we’ve had 13 years to perfect best practices for communication, building culture, and developing trust amongst team members that seldom meet in person.

We love to operate, communicate, and work asynchronously.

Like Matt Mullenweg of WordPress, we believe an asynchronous work environment fosters autonomy (FWIW, I can make a strong case that we’re a “level 3 or 4”).

Our folks work local hours and observe local holidays. We are sparing in scheduling meetings, and when we do, we try to make them as purposeful and efficient as possible.

We manage by goals.

When you have a few dozen folks in 6 countries and 7 timezones, you literally can’t look over their shoulder to ensure productivity.

We’ve evolved into a team that thrives on autonomy and loves to experiment and learn.

So what do y’all need to succeed around here, anyway?

  • A highly collaborative work style.
  • Black belt level communication skills: you select from Slack, Loom, email, Google Meet, Google Docs, or smoke signal… depending on what’s best for the situation at hand.
  • You’re US-based. (While our team is global, we’re more centralized in the US.)
  • You’re a lifelong learner with an enthusiasm for testing and learning.
  • Deep experience in developing and curating content relevant to digital marketers.
  • Deep experience running editorial teams, newsrooms.
  • Manage ambiguity. Operate effectively, even when things are not certain or the way forward is not clear.
  • Organizational savvy. Maneuvers successfully through policy, process, and people-related organizational dynamics.
  • Anticipates and balances the needs of multiple stakeholders.

Here’s the job listing. We know you’re out there; we’ll wait.

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