Google changes how search results for news stories are presented on desktop by grouping together multiple results for the same story.

This update is now in effect, which brings news results on desktop in line with how they’re presented in Google Search on mobile devices.

In an announcement on Twitter, the official @GoogleNews account states:

“Now, when there are multiple stories related to your search, we’ll organize results by story so it’s easier to understand what’s most relevant and you can make a more informed decision on which specific articles to explore.”

What Exactly Has Changed?

Previously, the top stories section in Google Search on desktop was presented in a carousel format.


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The carousel was such a fixture of news results that you could say “Top Stories carousel” and people would immediately understand what you were referring to.

The search community may have to decide on a new term, because the carousel is now more of a box with stories displayed as different tiles.

As an example, Google’s tweet links to search results for the keyword “covid.”

Here’s how it looks:

google news results desktopScreenshot from:, December 2021.

Why Has Google Changed News Results On Desktop?

Google offers this explanation on Twitter for changing the layout of news results:


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“This new structure will make more room for quality content–beyond just the most recent coverage–as well as a range of sources to bring more context and perspective to the day’s news.”

In addition, this changes makes news results on desktop similar to what people are accustomed to seeing in mobile search.

“We initially rolled out this new way of viewing news on Google Search in 2019 on mobile. Now people who search on desktop globally will get this new experience.”

For more on the technology Google uses to organize top stories in search results, on both mobile and desktop, see my explainer here:

Source: GoogleNews on Twitter

Featured Image: Screenshot from, December 2021

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